Epiphany Sunday at the Monastery

Sunny Sunday Jan.6, 2019

Early morning Choir stalls

Sister before the Crib

This year (2019 in the year of the Lord) our Epiphany services were so special we wanted to share them. If we were blessed by your presence that day we hope you enjoyed your visit. If you are a visiter on the internet we also hope you enoy the day of celebration.

The Mass was wonderful, such a blessing.

ac-St. Joseph, Protector of the Holy Family

The Holy Family

Sanctuary before Mass

Sacristan lights the candles

Sanctuary fully illuminated

Our musicians

Congregation view of Sanctuary

The "Kings" with Sister

The "Kings" and Father

The "Kings" and Father

The "Kings" and Father

Father incenses the Crib

Father Patrick Samway, S.J.reads the Gospel

Father incenses the altar

Fr. Samway at the altar

Fr. Samway at the altar

Sign of Peace

Mass congregation

Procession after Mass

Festive Refectory

Merry lights of Christmas season

Community Christmas tree

Under the tree

The Epiphany Queen 2019

And those were just a few highlights from the this years Epiphany Celebration. It was beautiful and we really deeply appreciate the participation of all who attended. A special thank you also to those who participated in making the day as wonderful as it was. - thank you.